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Welcome to my working life...

I work as a radio presenter for the BBC presenting programmes on Local Radio. You can see more about my career in my biography and CV in the about me section.

The 'At Work' section is somewhere I am going to post programme items and features that I've done in addition to what appears on the BBC website or on TV or Radio.

Weekend Breakfast

If you fancy following the progress of my Weekend Breakfast show as it comes together. We have started a blog especially for it. Go...

Flip Tips Movies

One thing I do regularly is the Mercers Movies feature on my Saturday Breakfast show. Here is an archive of some of the reviews I've done.

They are all on my Flip Tips blog and you can access an RSS feed of them from there.

Role Models Review
Slumdog Millionaire
Milk review
Doubt review
Review of Benjamin Button
Roll Models
Slumdog Millionaire
Curious case of Benjamin Button
Review of Bolt 3D
Review of Vicky Cristina Barcelona
Bolt 3D
Vicky Cristina Barcelona


Dark Knight review
Mamma Mia Review
The Edge of Love review
Dark Knight
Mamma Mia
Edge of Love


Sunshine Review