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Iceland and New York 2000


In the summer of 2000, my mate Liam dropped me an email with a cheap deal for a trip to New York and Rekjavic, Iceland. So myself and 6 others headed off to the cold (very cold.) Our first stop was Reykjavik, and since we only had a few days, four of us headed out on a tour of the south east of Iceland. Sandra the tour guide took us over the great splitting* to see geysur erupt.** An average day for some of us! Here are some pics that I took:

Gulfoss Falls, Iceland, Phil Mercer 2000

1pm near the great splitting. Phil Mercer 2000

New York 2000.

Its strange looking at these pictures post september 11th 2001 but I suppose that is something we will be saying for a long time yet!

Daniel and the Staten Island ferry, NYC Phil Mercer 2000