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Paris sunset.So i've spent a fair amount of time in France. It's our nearest neighbour, so it would be rude not to.

As a child my parents took my brother, sister and me camping to places in Normandy and Brittany. Doing the usual Brits abroad thing of going to a Sunsites campsite, surrounded by others from the UK or sometimes Germany. It was great for allowing Mum and Dad to relax whilst us kids got entertained at the Magpie club.

As we grew up, holidays became more adventurous. My parents friends owned an old farm house - so we visited there. Taking the boat and bikes and getting to know the country a bit better.

Now that I'm grown up (I know, its debatable!) I made friends with some real French people. One lives in Paris, the other in Lyon. So I have been using that as an excuse to get to know the country better.

I made a blog entry about Saumur last year after visiting other friends of my parents who own a cave on the Loire valley.
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I've made a few trips to this wonderful city over the last few years. I hope to make many more.
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The home of the Lumiere Brothers and some amazing food.