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I'm not a bodybuilder by any stroke of the imagination, but do work out on a regular basis. Having spent most of my youth as a skinny bony thing, I decided that it was time to bulk up. So my main aim is to get bigger. I've tried to pull together a collection of links, it seems most websites have a heavy bias towards supplements and products, but their are some more interesting pages hidden around.

  • Bodybuilding Universe
    One of the better personal pages looking at the sport. Very good looking design.
  • Get Big
    A good site for those seriously in to body building, lots of competition results and pictures.
  • Fitness First.
    Not the best gyms in the world, but there are lots of them around the country and they are nice and economical. I joined Curzons who were perfect for everything I wanted to do, but they were then bought by Fitness First. I use the Holborn gym.
    Not a very user friendly website lacking in very much information.
    A site full of links to other body building websites.
  • UK Muscle
    A forum based website with conversation strands covering most body building issues.
  • The Ministry of Fitness
    A UK based website with a good message board.
  • Muscle Talk
    A UK site with lots of supplements.
  • Flex Online
    Weiders empire magazine. He rules the bodybuilding world!
  • Here are a couple of the big boys of body building:
    Jay Cutler / Jean Pierre Fux / Marko Savolainen / Milos Sarcev
  • Muscle Time
    Includes various photos from the championships and videos as well.